We are not your typical design program. Although we do teach more traditional design skills, especially those for industrial, interaction, product, and service design, our major focus is upon design as a way of thinking, of focusing upon how people interaction with complex systems and technology, and upon ensuring that we solve the right problem, the root issues that define the true needs of the people and groups that we serve.

The Design Lab draws upon almost all areas within the university: we work with the schools and devisions of Art and Humanities, Medicine, Global Policy and Strategy, Engineering, Management, and Social Science. We are:

  1. Focused upon People-Centered approaches to Complex Sociotechnical Systems;
  2. Organized around Centers of Excellence, each addressing a substantive problem area ;
  3. Building a substantive body of theory and evidence-based findings to establish a solid scientific basis for design.

To contact the Design Lab directly, please email designlab@ucsd.edu.


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