One of the ways we work with the community is via partnerships with companies, civic entities and community organizations. Our approach to these partnerships is one of collaboration and co-creation.

Civic Challenges

The Design Lab at UC San Diego founded to engage local residents in the process of solving complex civic challenges.  Our mission is to innovate novel technologies that draw from

human-centered design, crowdsourcing, and decision-making in order to create opportunities for the public, government, academia, and industry to collaboratively design civic solutions.

Civic Challenge 2017! is collaborating with the Design Forward Alliance to host a large-scale human-centered design challenge around the complex civic issue of Mobility. People need to move around a city. Whether for work or play—and by car, bike, train, bus, boat, or foot— mobility significant affects the daily lives of millions. The San Diego region is culturally and economically diverse, as well as geographical dispersed, which makes it a ripe topic for exploring issues around transportation. The mobility challenges below investigate concerns currently facing San Diegans, as well as take a look to future transportation systems.


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