The UC San Diego Design Lab Collaborative is a community of academic, industry, and civic leaders focused on joint thought leadership and mutually advantageous research opportunities.  The word “Collaborative” reflects the focus upon truly collaborative activities, where all parties join in a common effort.

Collaborative partnership with the Design Lab yield:

  1. Enhanced results for projects of joint interest, coupling the needs, concerns, and resources of the each organization to produce a superior outcome.
  2. Coupling leading edge university research with the practical concerns of application, providing unique, ground-breaking solutions
  3. Gaining access to world-class leaders, thinkers, and researchers
  4. Discovering high potential students who can become innovation-driving employees

Membership in the Design Lab Collaborative is the entryway to working with the Design Lab:

Access to Education

Learn how to think and act like a design-driven organization.

Access to Intelligence

Gain early access to groundbreaking research and intellectual property.

Access to Designers

Connect with a growing, global community of students and professionals.

Access to Innovation

Contribute to industry-wide standards and innovation.

Membership also includes admission to the Design Lab Innovation Advisory Board.


Companies that we have partnered with include SAP and Nissan as founding members of the collaborative and (in alphabetical order) Adobe, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Google, IBM, National Science Foundation, and Toyota ITC.








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