Design Forward Alliance

Announced at the Design Forward 2016 Summit, the Design Forward Alliance is a non-profit organization created by design leaders in the San Diego community who believe in a design-driven innovation economy.

The mission of Design Forward Alliance is to create a unified effort that promotes the value of professional design and design thinking for better outcomes in business, education, government and the San Diego community.

Human-Centered Design is a process, a framework, an approach. We at Design Forward see it as a lens, a powerful tool used to see the world with more intricate detail than ever considered possible. And it’s our job to share that lens with others for the greater good.

Design Forward is a San Diego-born movement bringing together multi-disciplinary design, business and civic leaders for a dynamic, interactive Summit committed to strengthening our local and global communities through human-centered design.

Now in it’s second year, the DF17 Summit seeks to ignite conversation and action around how design can improve the way we live, work and play – and provide designers and decision makers with the tools to affect real and lasting change.

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