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Don Norman, Director (Cognitive Science, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, & Psychology)

Jim Hollan, Co-Director (Computer Science and Engineering & Cognitive Science)

Scott Klemmer, Co-Director (Computer Science and Engineering & Cognitive Science)

Michèle Morris, Associate Director

Design Lab Affiliates

Benjamin Bratton (Visual Arts)

Nate Delson (Mechanical Engineering)

Steven Dow (Cognitive Science)

Deborah Forster (Assistant Project Scientist at Qualcomm Institute)

Ed Hutchins (Cognitive Science)

Lilly Irani (Communication, Science Studies, Critical Gender Studies)

David Kirsh (Cognitive Science)

Albert Lin (Qualcomm Institute)

Laurel Riek (Computer Science and Engineering)

Michael Meyer (Design Executive; Lecturer, Rady School of Management)

Kevin Patrick (Center for Wireless & Population Health Systems)

Eli Spencer (Distributed Health Labs, Infectious Diseases, Medical School)

Nadir Weibel (Computer Science and Engineering)

Postdocs and Graduate Students

Celia Durkin (Graduate Student)

Matt Erhart (Computer Science, Grad Student)

Seth Ferris (Visual Arts, Grad Student, Researcher)

Amy Fox (Cognitive Science, Grad Student)

Ailie Fraser (Computer Science, Grad Student)

Nida Hussain (Computer Science, Grad Student)

Derek Lomas (Design Lab Fellow, Postdoc Researcher)

Narges Mahyar (Design Lab Fellow, Postdoc Researcher)

Melanie McComsey (Design Lab Fellow, Postdoc Researcher)

Lars Mueller (Design Lab Fellow, Postdoc Researcher)

Tricia Ngoon (Cognitive Science, Grad Student)

Vineet Pandey (Computer Science, Grad Student)

Steven Rick (Computer Science, Grad Student)

Malte Risto (Design Lab Fellow, Postdoc Researcher)

Danilo Gasques Rodrigues (Computer Science, Grad Student)

Adam Rule (Cognitive Science, Grad Student)

Ariel Weingarten (Computer Science, Grad Student)


Justine Bui, Undergraduate, Student Operations Assistant

Julia Cambre, Researcher (Cognitive Science)

Sara Carver, Events Lead

Rebecca Deller, Special Projects

Christine Eco (Teenah), Administrative Project Coordinator

Colleen Emmenegger, Researcher

Clint Evangelista, Undergraduate AV, Communications

Mariana Meirelles, Undergraduate Graphics, Communications

Olga McConnell, Executive Assistant to Don Norman

Annika Olives, Undergraduate, Student Operations Assistant

Josh Pitta, Undergraduate AV, Communications

Stephanie Sherman, Creative Coordinator

Ian Strelsky, Operations Manager

Sean Tobe, Undergraduate, Student Operations Assistant

Undergraduate Students

Isaac Fehr, Undergraduate Researcher, HCHD Project

Aliff Macapinlac, Undergraduate Researcher, Active Learning

Neel Pujar, Undergraduate Researcher, Special Projects

Visiting Scholars

Andrea Alessandrini (July 2016)

Jan Borchers, Professor (October 2016 – March 2017)

Paul Hekkert (February 2017)

Dan Russell (May 2015, May 2016)

Pieter Jan Stappers (July 2015)

Norbert Streitz (August 2015)

ShengFeng Qin (November 2016 – March 2017)

Designer in Residence

Andrea Anderson, SAP (Fall Quarter 2016)

Design Lab Alumni

Sandra Amon, Operations Assistant

Elmer Barerra, Undergraduate Researcher, SAP Project

Diana Benavidez, Undergraduate Researcher, Design Lab Creative

Wesley Chan, Staff Research Assistant

Rachel Chen, Undergraduate Researcher, SAP Project

Bonnie Chinh, Undergraduate Researcher, Active Learning

Grant Chinn, Undergraduate Researcher, SAP Project

Purvi Desai, Grad Student

Tori Duong, Undergraduate Researcher, SAP Project

Lynn Hao, Student Assistant

Catherine Hicks, Researcher

Daniel Kaulen, Researcher

Jonas Kemper, Researcher

Yasmine Kotturi (Computer Science, Grad Student)

Laura Pina, (Grad Student)

Vanessa Pool, Program Manager

Adam Powers, Outreach & Research Assistant

Joel Rosenthal, Undergraduate Researcher, SAP Project

Joseph Ruanto-Ramirez, Interim Project Manager

Beverly Sastri, Interim Executive Assistant

Gabriel Schneider, Undergraduate Researcher, Design Lab Creative

Brian Soe, Undergraduate Researcher, Active Learning