Calls for Faculty

All current positions are filled. Look here for positions that will be advertised during the 2017-18 academic year (around November-December 2017).

Prospective PhD Students

Seeking PhD applicants to work with the Design Lab research faculty

Key faculty in the Design Lab at UC San Diego currently seek PhD students for the Fall 2017 school year. Prospective students with diverse backgrounds in psychology, cognitive science, design, and computing should consider applying to the Cognitive Science Department. Students with computer science or engineering backgrounds should consider applying to the CSE Department. Students with backgrounds in the social sciences and humanities should consider applying to the Communication program.

Make sure to mention potential faculty advisors in your applications.

Key faculty include:
Morana Alac (Comm)
Christine Alvarado (CSE)
Steven Dow (CogSci, CSE)
Bill Griswold (CSE)
Philip Guo (CogSci, CSE)
Jim Hollan (CogSci, CSE)
Lilly Irani (Comm)
David Kirsh (CogSci)
Scott Klemmer (CogSci, CSE)
Don Norman (Design Lab)
Laurel Riek (CSE)
Beth Simon (CSE)
Christo Sims (Comm)

Application for Cognitive Science (due Dec 1)
Application for Computer Science and Engineering (due Dec 15)
Application for Communication (due Jan 13)

Research Assistants

Looking for Juniors, Seniors, and Masters students to conduct research in Design Lab alongside Lab Graduate Researchers and Lab Fellows

Work includes a subset of web, mobile or AR/VR development, software design, designing experiments, running user studies, collecting and  analyzing data and (perhaps) running Machine Learning algorithms to find insights. Being hands-on, learning tools quickly and communicating effectively are non-negotiable skills alongside taking an active interest in the research process. Please make a realistic commitment (keep in mind your class schedule) and plan to stick to your commitment.

Please fill out this Google Form to apply.

Please note, this is not a specific call, but rather a continuous open application, and we will draw from the list of applicants as specific needs arise. We hold interviews only as needed, and you may not be contacted for many months. Once you’ve filled out the google form, please do not contact the lab for information on if/when you might be interviewed. Thank you.

Undergraduate Students

Design at UCSD

Design at UCSD is a student-led group of designers focused on UX design, research, and design thinking, but they’ve also got an appreciation for all design fields and related disciplines.

Check out their website here and their Facebook page here!