Design@Large: Nate Delson (UC San Diego)

Abstract Using Touchscreens to Teach Freehand Sketching and Spatial Visualization Freehand Sketching and Spatial Visualization skills are widely used in engineering, math, and science. However, these skills are typically not formally taught, despite the fact that Spatial Visualization training has been shown to increase graduation rates in STEM majors. The current method of Spatial Visualization… Read More

Design@Large: Jennifer Mueller (University of San Diego)

Abstract Reframing the Decision-Makers’ Dilemma Can decision-maker roles-roles with a responsibility to allocate resources towards ideas-shape which ideas people in those roles view as creative? Prior theory suggests that expertise should influence creativity assessments, yet examples abound of experts in different roles disagreeing about whether the same idea is creative. We build and test a… Read More

Design@Large: Clarissa Redwine (Kickstarter)

Abstract Design Projects on Kickstarter Kickstarter offers designers and creators a unique opportunity to connect with an audience and gather resources to bring their ideas to life. We’ll hear from Clarissa Redwine, Kickstarter’s Design and Technology Outreach Lead for the West Coast, about the wealth of innovative design projects on Kickstarter, best practices for crafting… Read More

Design@Large: Ann Pendleton-Jullian (Ohio State) & John Seely Brown (Delotte)

Abstract Agency in a White Water World In a conference on “Systems Perspectives in Design,” held in Banff, Canada, October 2015, Don Norman presented probably the best description so far of the characteristics that define “wicked” problems. He also initiated a meme that ran throughout the conference when he referenced Charles Lindblom’s complex problem solving… Read More

Design@Large: Pam Samuelson (Berkeley Center for Law & Technology)

Abstact How Intellectual Property Law Conceptualizes Designs Should form follow function in the design of everyday things? Most modern designers would say yes, that is a desirable outcome. Intellectual property law has a more mixed reaction to the integration of form & function. This integration is welcome in the context of patent law. But copyright… Read More

Design@Large: Paul Leonardi (UC Santa Barbara)

Abstract See and Be Seen: Communication in the Age of Social Transparency In this talk, I offer some building blocks for a theory of communication visibility based on a series of field studies of the implementation of new enterprise social networking sites in a large companies. The emerging theory suggests that once invisible communication occurring… Read More

Design@Large: Dave Ackley (University of New Mexico)

Abstract Living Computation & Postdeterministic Digital Design Traditional computing machines must provide total predictability or else halt unconditionally — but such ‘hardware determinism’ requires increasingly heroic engineering as demands on the machine grow while its components shrink. We are developing the ‘Movable Feast Machine’, an indefinitely scalable computer architecture that abandons hardware determinism and accepts… Read More

Design@Large: Laurens van der Maaten (Facebook)

Abstract Visualizing Data Using Embeddings Visualization techniques are essential tools for every data scientist. Unfortunately, the majority of visualization techniques can only be used to inspect a limited number of variables of interest simultaneously. As a result, these techniques are not suitable for big data that is very high-dimensional. An effective way to visualize high-dimensional… Read More

Design@Large: Casey Reas (UC Los Angeles)

Abstract ULTRACONCENTRATED: Image, Media, Software Gathering source material from newspapers, social media profiles, broadcast television, and YouTube searches, Casey Reas has created series of software-based collages that manifest his personal confrontations with media.

Design@Large: Jamie Alexandre (Learning Equality)

Abstract The Life and Times of A Fledging Nonprofit In this talk, I want to go beyond just talking about the work we do, and also explore what we’ve learned in the process of starting and growing the rather non-traditional non-profit organization behind it. Born as an open-source side project at an internship hackathon, built… Read More

Design@Large: Tamara Munzner (University of British Columbia)

Abstract Visualization Design Methods I will discuss the methodology of design studies, where visualization researchers analyze a specific real-world problem faced by domain experts, design a visualization system that supports solving this problem, validate the design and reflect on lessons learned in order to refine visualization design guidelines. I will frame this discussion in terms… Read More

Design@Large: Dan Makoski (Walmart)

Abstract Improbable by Design: Creating a Culture of Bold Risk-Taking for Good Join Dan Makoski, VP of Design at Walmart in a fast-paced, hands-on talk about how to go beyond your comfort zone and create epic experiences that matter.

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