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Research Intern Position


To apply, please send an email to with your CV.

Who we are

B12 is building a better future of creative and analytical work. Our current product provides customers with AI-generated websites, and connects them with designers who help them improve their website through our open source framework Orchestra.

We’re an NYC-based startup that is excited about research, has 4 Ph.D.s in fields like Human-Computer Interaction and Database Systems. We’d love to collaborate on projects that both you, your advisor, and our team are all excited about. We want to publish our findings in top-tier conferences.

What you’ll do

Potential summer 2019 projects

  • Improve communication between novice customers and expert designers. Communication between customers and design teams sometimes falls short due to lack of a common design language and context. This results in long back-and-forth communications between both groups. How might we define a communication protocol or build a tool that improves the interaction? This project involves studying the current communication channel between customers and designers, prototyping some solutions, and running user studies to test the proposed solutions.
  • Support content creation. A strong website comes from compelling content and fluid design. However, website creators often have a hard time creating content, including text and imagery content. This project explores approaches, interfaces, and algorithms that help website creators generate content either by writing the content themselves or getting support from experts or crowd workers.
  • Develop tools for designers’ learning and professional growth. B12 works with various experts who have different career goals, specialties and levels of expertise. To attract the best experts, we aspire to build a platform that enables them to do their best work and grow as a professionals. This project involves identifying experts’ needs and pain points in terms of learning and professional growth, implementing a system that addresses them, and evaluating the system.
  • Define your own projects! We always welcome new ideas. Ping us if you have a research project idea that might be relevant to B12. Consider any dataset or algorithm within reach as fair game!

You’d be a good fit if

  • You are a Ph.D. student or an outstanding undergraduate with background in Computer Science, Human-Computer Interaction, Human Computation, or Social Science. A publication record is a plus but not necessary. Having experience implementing a software system is also a big plus.
  • You are passionate about building a better future of creative and analytical work.
  • You love solving challenging open-ended problems.
  • You want to submit a paper based on your work to a top-tier conference in Fall 2019.
    B12 is a safe place for human beings. We particularly encourage you to apply if you identify as a woman, are a person of color or other underrepresented minority, or are a member of the LGBTQIA community.
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