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Research Scientist/Software Engineers


InfoBeyond is seeking outstanding, talent, diligent, and team-playing researchers to fill out our position of Research Scientist or Software Engineers in the area of Computer Science & Engineer such as Security, Wireless Communications, Machine Learning, or a relevant area. This position expects you have a substantial academic research background with excellent publications, e.g., top conference or journals, or you have solid experience in the software/project development. By working together, we strive toward a future that will be both productive and prosperous for all of us.

Required/Desirable Skills:

  1. Education: Ph.D. or candidate (Computer Science/Engineering) obtained in the U.S.
  2. Publications/Projects: Solid publication record is required for Research Scientist. Please list all your Publications in your CV, or Projects (roles and duration). The Research Scientist should have a great mathematics background, demonstrated in your publication.
  3. Software Development: Software experience in IT Company is required for Software Engineer but it is not necessary for Research Scientist.
  4. Writing and Communications: You should have excellent writing capability to draft technical documents.
  5. We expect you have demonstrated your passionate, creative, and abilities in scientific research or prototyping.

Company information can be found at for more information. The Company has a great team with a focus on the R&D oriented productions. It provides an environment for novelty, teaming, and success. Please email your CV to Job Type: Full-time; Greencard or citizenship is a plus.

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