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Summer Design Intern

Microsoft Research – Human-Computer Interaction

To apply, email CV to John Tang at

Microsoft Research is looking for a design-oriented intern for a project that explores designing user experiences around video calling for people with the Autism Spectrum Disorder. Given the challenges that people with ASD can have in detecting and expressing emotion in social conversations, we’re exploring ways to use AI to detect emotion in video calling, and then design a UX that helps people with ASD to perceive that emotion and conversely express that emotion, probably through some visual display overlaid or associated with the video call UX. We’re not sure exactly what that will look like (or sound or feel like), so we’re looking for an intern to help us explore the design space. Even better if the intern has some experience with user studies that could help us evaluate a working prototype with people with ASD. It’s a fun project at the intersection of design, accessibility, AI, and video user experiences!

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