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Undergraduate RA for Data Collection (camera + wearables) in Parkinson Disease and Stroke studies

Ubicomp Lab at UCSD

The Ubicomp Lab at UCSD ( and Dr. Weibel ( are looking for an undergraduate Research Assistant for a paid position starting ASAP and through the end of September.

The RA will be responsible for collecting sensor data from Parkinson’s disease and Stroke patients seen at UCSD inpatient and rehabilitation clinics.

The RA will assist with setting up equipment (sensors and Microsoft Kinect) and lab spaces to be used for the experiment. Conducting the experiment includes collection of informed consent, running experiment protocol, and offloading sensor data. The RA will assist with recruiting and scheduling of experiment participants. Sensor data from (wearables and cameras) will be used to assess and monitor neurological disorder symptoms with the aim of improving diagnosis and patient rehabilitation.

If you are interested, please email Dr. Weibel at ASAP with your CV/Resume, and a short paragraph describing why you are interested in the project.
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