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UC San Diego Statement in Support of Asian Communities Impacted by Shootings in Atlanta

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Undergraduate Research Assistants

Weibel Lab is investigating hidden healthcare bias by studying patient-doctor communication in primary care through their project UnBIASED. This ongoing project, funded by the National Library of Medicine, is a collaboration between the University of Washington and University of California San Diego. Our ultimate goal is to create tools to support patients and the next generation of doctors to have bias-free interactions that promote healthcare access, quality, and equity.

We are searching for 3-4 undergraduate computer or cognitive science students specializing in design to participate as researchers in codesign sessions with patients and providers for the Spring and Summer 2021 quarters. The teams will be supervised by graduate students from UCSD and UW. The students will gain hands-on qualitative and human-computer interaction research experience. The responsibilities include:

  • Interviewing a diverse group of patients and providers with a team of researchers from UW and UCSD

  • Storyboarding content such as: context and trigger scenario outline sketches

  • Digitizing sketches

  • Video Vignettes

  • Data Collection

  • Miscellaneous administrative tasks involving the interviews (such as note-taking and scheduling)

We are asking a commitment of around 3-8 hours per week for the duration of a quarter. As of now, the position is remote and weekly meetings will be held on Zoom. The work is volunteer, but you will receive course credit for CSE 198, COGS 199, or DSG 199/198.

The ideal candidate for this role would be an undergraduate student familiar with qualitative research. Prior experience with conducting research interviews, storyboarding, and HCI/user experience research is preferred.

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