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ucsd design lab business camp: design design for america

Business Camp: Design

Hosted by the Design Forward Alliance

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Design (especially design thinking) is all the rage in business, education, and government. But there are many kinds of design, all of which can help you achieve success. Here’s a chance to learn more. This is a special half-day miniconference specifically for non-designers: business people, product leaders, entrepreneurs, educators, and civil servants. Join us for an afternoon of learning, inspiration, and connection with fellow professionals.

Be Knowledgeable

You’ll come away knowing the difference between UX and UI design (and it is important to know the difference). You’ll learn about building a lasting and valuable brand. You’ll learn when you need service design (hint: pretty much everyone does). You’ll learn the many ways graphic and visual design can help get your point across. You’ll learn how user research can uncover what’s truly important for your customers.

You’ll come away knowing what you need, where to find it, and what key things to ask.

Be Inspired

See impressive showcases from local San Diego powerhouses ServiceNowIntuit, and MJD Interactive about the work they’ve done employing design for real, measurable impact on business, product, and service success.

But wait, there’s more! We are honored to have Susan Tousi keynote the day. Ms. Tousi is Senior Vice President of Product Development for Illumina. Illumina has been hailed the “Google of DNA sequencing” by She’ll share her thoughts about the power of design as integral to the growth of Illumina to the $30B company it is today.

Be Connected

Round out the day with a social mixer in an exclusive setting. Rub elbows with presenters and fellow professionals. Share knowledge and form connections. Design Forward Alliance Board Members will also be present, including Dr. Don Norman, renowned author and educator in design.

Additional Perks

As if all of the above weren’t enough, every attendee will receive 90-day free access to LinkedIn Premium, which includes all of its added benefits including access to LinkedIn Learning!

Plus, 1 lucky attendee will also receive a full year free access to LinkedIn Premium!

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