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Design-A-Thon: Mindshifts on Megafires

Design and Innovation Building, 2nd Floor Large Event Room #202
April 7, 2022 at 4:00pm

Register here for the kickoff on April 7 at 4 PM for full details on the design challenge.

Join the “Design-A-Thon: Mindshifts on Megafires” to help end devastating wildfires. The Design-A-Thon brings together UC San Diego students from all disciplines and experience levels in a pitch-style competition to apply the Design Thinking process to proactive solutions to end destructive wildfires.

All teams will be invited to present their submissions on April 20 after the Design@Large panel on “Climate Risk Reduction and Technology”. Selected teams will further develop their design concepts during a summer internship.

Key Dates and Activities at Design and Innovation Building
April 7 @ 4 PM – Design Challenge unveiled at kickoff
April 15 – Registration & design-thinking workshop, lightning talks, and mentor sessions
April 16 @ 11:59 PM – Submissions due
April 20 @ 5 PM – Project showcase at Design@Large

Project Teams
Teams must be led by a UC San Diego student. Participants can sign up as a team or sign up individually to be matched to a team. No previous skills are required to participate. Each team will have access to subject-matter and design-thinking experts to accelerate progress.

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Organized by the UC San Diego Design Lab and the San Diego Supercomputer Center and WIFIRE Lab.

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