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design lab prototyping startup studio students

Join The Design Lab and Professor Steven Dow as DSGN100 and COGS122 students present their final presentations on Thursday, March 22. We welcome you to attend and help critique their work! The presentations will take place on UCSD campus at HSS 1346.v

Thursday, March 22, 2018
Prototyping (DSGN100) 12:00 P.M. – 2:00 P.M.
Startup Studio (COGS122) 3:30 P.M. – 5:30 P.M.
HSS 1346

**Team project descriptions for Prototyping (DSGN 100): health-related product-service systems**

Elderado Nayeli Ruiz, Nathan Mansur, Caroline Lee, Hunter Lai, Youxi Li
An application that helps caretakers at senior living homes build trust with their residents by allowing them to quickly and efficiently reach residents in a time of crisis.

HealthX Young Min Park, Eric Truong, Echo Ma, Jenny Zhen, Yutong Cheung
An application that will bring mindfulness over mindlessness to the users to guide them to deal and tackle with the actual stressors. Users will be rewarded and relieved from overcoming the stressors.

Skinformed Joanne Cho, Vanessa Wong, Chen Liu, Zhaoshuo Bi, Nancy Zheng
Skinformed provides users with an efficient and accessible way to understand their skin and maintain healthy skin through personalized skincare routines.

La Jolla Snores Jan Eric De Castro, Kenny Luc, Vanna Luu, Dalida Rached, Jonathan Funes

An application that allows students to reserve a sleeping pod within campus for a certain amount of time during the day. Users can also track how they slept and recommends tips to improve overall sleep quality.

HCI Tara Nejad, Ellis Lee, Brianna Lehane, Alex Lee, Kevin Tran
An application that promotes healthy eating habits for students on campus through incentivizing their in-market purchases

Adamas Noah Lee, Lee Liang, Kaila Lee, Oscar Lai, Shelby Tindall
Our solution helps college students who are invovled in fitness achieve their primary fitness goal through the monitoring of their nutrition.

Bleep (Better Sleep) Alex Tunchez, Jomar Batac, Shannon Mcandrews, Tommy Rich

Bleep is an app created to help improve the sleeping habits and overall mental health of college students. The app is paired with a wrist band that monitors your sleep schedule and allows you to log your moods throughout the day.

Fit Buddies Katrina Wu, Macy Hasson, Qiqi Wu, Aditya Srinivasan, Adham Rafiq

We are focused on helping college students stay motivated and accountable for working out through peer-motivation. Our app — Fit Buddies, connects students with smilar workout interests. Alia Awni, Thi Dang, Edward Li, Yuanqi Wang (Ivy), Yuxuan Zhou (Tammy)

Our app helps users create and maintian positive exercise habits that fits within their lifestyle.

Wholesome Marie Rosario, Lee Anne Mercado, Carter Duong, Sean Cai, Bradley Day
Through enhancing the teaching resources available to caretakers and parents, we aim to improve the communication skills of children with autism.

Crimson Wave Lauren Gong • Hellen Luu • Ellen Joh • Jaynee Lee • Anne Le
We came up with Period Pals, a social media based app that builds a safe community where women and girls can feel empowered and comfortable about their periods.

Tracne Grace Oh, Daniel Martin, Mejan Rostamian, Jason Tsay, Miriam Wagner Valladolid

Tracne helps those suffering from mild to severe acne keep track of their skincare routine, prescriptions, and overall skin progress through visual and analytic data.

Team Kiwi Tamar Esserman, Akanksha Kevalramani, Yahav Erlich, Christina Mak, Lixiang Zhou
Our solution gives visitors at the beach and lifeguards a faster way to recognize people in danger and rescue them before they suffer any serious injuries.

AD/HD Swarnakshi Kapil, Sumedha Gupta, Samantha Uppalapati, Dora Wang, Joanne Hsu
Our app StudyMode, aims to help college students with ADHD to manage their time by generating a schedule that provides times to study and complete assignments.

**Team project descriptions for Startup Studio (COGS 122): novel mobile services with business angles**

QuickCare  Oscar, Penny, Jessica, Steven, Chris
QuickCare provides personalized care-package delivery services for people in a friendly environment so that they can feel the love of home, away from home.

Climb the Ranks Wenshuo, Alex, Adam, Zongchen
Climb the Ranks is an ultimate team finding application that allows video gamers to connect with other video gamers that they desire.

RStories Allison, Miriam, Anmol, Chaitanya
RStories helps refugees share their hardships and hopes, and allows donors to send money directly to families in need.

SafetyNet Christine, Jodi, Maggie, Joanne
SafetyNet utilizes local resources to create a rapid-response network in communities by connecting those who want to help with those who need help during natural disasters.

DreamTeams Abena, Maxim, Alexander, Sarah, Thuy
DreamTeams is a platform that aims to leverage the unique talents of individuals skilled in a particular field and other businesses looking to collaborate on cohesively developed products and services.

Violet Marissa, Jorenne, Michael, Kevin
Violet is a peer-to-peer valet service where drivers can get their car parked at any location and valets can earn money parking cars.
Fingo Wayne, Youxi, Ellisa, Rena, Jun

Fingo connects customers with local woodworkers to easily service custom wooden furniture.

Medley Derrick, SeOne, Brendon, Shreeman, Chris
Medley connects patients with mental health professionals working independently to provide on-demand care.

PlanIt Tony, Hannah, Andrew, Hazel, Ting
PlanIt helps travelers plan their trips by generating custom itineraries within a set budget, which they can then order as a packaged deal.

Gard Vincent, Adham, Raymond, Andrew, Cassandra
Gard is a peer-to-peer storage solution that will allow you to find cheap, convenient storage so you don’t have to lug your stuff around.

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