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design lab uc san diego studio session
Studio Session: Mapping Customer Experiences

DATE: November 27, 2018
TIME: 4:30pm to 6:30pm
LOCATION: The Design Lab, Suite 1601, Atkinson Hall

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What is this workshop about?

Experience maps are a hot trend in UX, and for a good reason: they illustrate a user’s journey across multiple systems and touchpoints (macro). A micro-experience map is similar, but it zooms in on a single touchpoint (your digital product) and explores the nuances between interfaces.

In practice, we’ve found that a micro-experience map provides our team with three primary benefits:

  1. Focus your team on a single flow at a time.
  2. Align your team on the journey of a particular user.
  3. Define an immediate roadmap for where to improve the flow.

In this workshop, we’ll take a hands-on approach, and practice a micro-experience map for the signup flow for a web application.

What topics will this workshop cover?

This is a hands-on workshop where you’ll learn to facilitate a collaborative activity for aligning your team. Specifically, you’ll be able to complete the following micro-experience map steps:

Select a single flow to map: Align your team on the exact flow that you want to explore.

  • User stories or personas are helpful if you have them.
  • Log what your user is doing: Map out each action your user takes while accomplishing their goal. You’ll capture each click, scroll, and keystroke along the way.
  • Capture what your user is thinking or feeling: Identify the questions that your user is asking themselves at each step. We’ll find out what’s making them happy or frustrated.
  • Determine themes for how to improve: With the journey documented, you’ll figure out the key areas to improve in this particular flow.

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