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Studio Session: Designing For Diversity™

Power, Privilege, and Ethical Responses: Anti-Racism

Speaker: Project Inkblot

Date: Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Time: 6:30 P.M. – 8:30 P.M.

Per the speaker’s request, this zoom meeting will not be recorded.

Join the Design Lab for the Designing for Diversity training with Jahan Mantin + Boyuan Gao, the founders and principals of Project Inkblot.

With racism as the cultural default of how we work, who we work with, what we make, and for whom, we can either design for racial equity or inequity at every creative touch point. In this high energy workshop talk, participants are introduced to the key phases of Design for Diversity™ (D4D) through storytelling, case studies and a look at how frameworks are used in critical industries. Jahan Mantin + Boyuan Gao, the founders and principals of Project Inkblot, a Design for Diversity™ consultancy, will bring forth some actionable tools toward cultural strategies that will help you begin designing against dominant culture – and instead – for ALL. Attendees are invited to consider how they can use these high-level critical questions as tools within their own strategic and design processes to illuminate cultural defaults, and unlock opportunities for producing the most effective content, products, services and experiences.

You will walk away from this session with:

  • A shared language
  • A high-level overview of the Design for Diversity™ framework
  • The ability to begin to identify “norms” that are barriers to racial equity
  • High-level tools and critical questions to bring into your work processes

This talk is part of the Power, Privilege, and Ethical Responses: Anti-Racism series comprised of 14 studio sessions where we address the question “How Might We Design From Whiteness to Oneness”.

Project Inkblot Bios:

Boyuan Gao: Boyuan is a hybrid thinker, creator and builder, and the co-founder and principal of Project Inkblot. She’s traversed many worlds through “work”, meandering through unexpected crevices and subcultures, such as once working in a floral wholesale warehouse servicing primarily funeral homes, to coaching young people in juvenile detention centers throughout NYC, to being the owner and Editor-in-Chief of a global jazz publication partnering with the likes of the Miles Davis Estate. Prior to Project Inkblot, Boyuan has also worked as a digital marketer, a community organizer, curriculum designer, music and culture journalist, workshop facilitator, amongst various other “titles”. Boyuan is a novice cultural anthropologist and jewelry designer, now residing in the deep bear and fox populated woods of Western Massachusetts.

Jahan Mantin: Spanning over 15 years experience in strategy, sales, facilitation and writing/editing, Jahan began a career in publishing as an Account Manager for Time Out New York before moving on to the editorial side as the Associate Editor for Beyond Race magazine. Prior to Project Inkblot, Jahan co-founded an arts and social impact online publication managing a team of 15 contributors where she produced, edited and/or wrote over 100 articles/multimedia content interviewing social entrepreneurs with a global impact including Boushra Almutawakel, the first woman Yemeni photographer, and author and food activist, Bryant Terry.

Jahan is also the co-creator/executive producer of Fit the Description, a video interview series between Black male civilians and Black male officers sharing their personal experiences with, and within, law enforcement. Jahan earned a B.A. in Communications and Culture from Clark University and is the recipient of the Kate Spade and Company Fellowship at the New Museum Incubator, NEW INC. An avid traveler, Jahan has lived in far-reaching locales from Colombia to Scotland. She is a proud native New Yorker and currently resides in Brooklyn.

Virtual Conference Details

There are limited online spaces for the public.

Please register in advance for this meeting.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Note: You will enter the Waiting Room between 6:00 P.M. – 6:30 P.M. and not be allowed into the Zoom meeting until 6:30 P.M. All talks may be recorded and posted online.

Power, Privilege, and Ethical Responses: Anti-Racism
Question: How Might We Design From Whiteness to Oneness

Phase 1: Hiring, Leadership, Culture, Inclusion and Diversity issues

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WHAT IS A STUDIO SESSION? Studio Sessions provide introductions to design skill sets that address the needs of industry, civics, community engagement, and group collaborations. Through a series of workshops and interactive experiences, participants gain hands-on know-how in a variety of design competencies that enhance their skills and provide them with deeper insight into relevant practices. Each session starts with a lead facilitator, who sets an agenda and a topic area. It is then followed by hands-on breakout sessions to deepen discussions and cultivate skills in this area.

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