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Ymasumac Marañón Davis ucsd design lab

Studio Session: Designing from Whiteness to Oneness

Power, Privilege, and Ethical Responses: Anti-Racism

Speaker: Ymasumac Marañón Davis

Date: Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Time: 4:00 P.M. – 6:00 P.M.

Join the Design Lab for a studio session with Ymasumac Marañón Davis to discuss actively looking through our personal and collective lens to rethink and develop new lens’ in the redesign process. The talk will take a deep dive at how we arrived at Whiteness through all the structures and how it is essential to move away from this to a design that is for all.

This talk is part of the Power, Privilege, and Ethical Responses: Anti-Racism series comprised of 14 studio sessions where we address the question “How Might We Design From Whiteness to Oneness”.


Ymasumac Marañón Davis is a writer, educational consultant, university lecturer and intuitive life coach. Her ancestry comes from the Quechua people of Bolivia and pilgrims of New England. Culture, language and politics thread throughout her work with strong cords of spiritual energy interlacing her words. She has been a teacher as well as administrator at the county office of education. She’s a published author and international speaker addressing issues from changing perceptions in learning cultures to equity in education. Projects she’s exploring are creating a culturally relevant pedagogy that empowers students’ voice as active agents of their own learning, storytelling as a tool to transform, the impact of emotions on our learning cultures and how to create a mindset characterized by humility. She is married with four children.

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Power, Privilege, and Ethical Responses: Anti-Racism
Question: How Might We Design From Whiteness to Oneness

Phase 1: Hiring, Leadership, Culture, Inclusion and Diversity issues

Upcoming Studio Sessions:

  • Studio Session: Designing From Whiteness to Oneness™ – Ymasumac M. Davis, Tues, 8/11/20
  • Studio Session: White Fragility – Dr. Keisha Clark, Thu, 8/13/20
  • Studio Session: What’s Wrong With Individualism? – Rise San Diego, Tue, 8/18/20
  • Studio Session: Designing For Diversity™ – Project Inkblot, Tue, 9/22/20

WHAT IS A STUDIO SESSION? Studio Sessions provide introductions to design skill sets that address the needs of industry, civics, community engagement, and group collaborations. Through a series of workshops and interactive experiences, participants gain hands-on know-how in a variety of design competencies that enhance their skills and provide them with deeper insight into relevant practices. Each session starts with a lead facilitator, who sets an agenda and a topic area. It is then followed by hands-on breakout sessions to deepen discussions and cultivate skills in this area.

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