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ucsd design lab future of public health

The Future of Public Health Research: Building Capacity for Precise, Networked, and Agile, Sociotechnical Systems through Design, Engineering, and Health Sciences

UC San Diego’s Institute of Public Health (IPH) and Design Lab invite you to an event:

  • May 17 8:00a-2:00p (with breakfast available starting 7:30a)
  • UCSD Campus, Atkinson Hall, Auditorium

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GOAL: To examine the changing landscape of public health research from across perspectives in health sciences, design, and engineering.  This work is being supported by the IPH Technology and Health working group. The event is intentionally targeting breadth of topics over depth, to help the UC San Diego and broader San Diego community to see the forest from the trees related to this important topic.

AUDIENCE:  We welcome all relevant parties in the San Diego area to join us including:

  • Our academic colleagues (e.g., UC San Diego, San Diego State University, etc) with a vested interest in the new School of Public Health including public health, design, engineering, arts, and humanities faculty and students.
  • Business/industry colleagues who could benefit from the research that emerges, and/or the future workforce we will be training at the intersection between public health and design and engineering (e.g., public health and design; public health and data science professionals)
  • Government, non-profit colleagues interested in hearing more about the future of public health research and how we might be able to help them.
  • Local San Diego philanthropic groups interested in supporting this vision.


8:00a-8:30a | Light breakfast/coffee

8:30-8:45a | Introductions & Setting Stage for event

Speaker: Eric Hekler

8:45a-9:30a | Why does public health research need to change?

Speakers: Doug Ziedonis, Cheryl Anderson, Larry Smarr; Discussant: Michael Pratt

9:30a-10:15a | What is needed from design, engineering, and health sciences to transform public health?

Speakers: Don Norman; Geert Schmid-Schobein, Pedja Klasnja (UMich); Discussant: Kevin Patrick

10:15a-10:30a | Networking & Light Snacks

10:30a-11:15a | Who needs to be involved in this transformation?

Speakers: Dana Lewis, Cinnamon Bloss, Eliah Aranoff-Spencer; Discussant: William Griswold

11:15a-12:00p | How are we going to do this to support equitable, positive improvements to public health

Speakers: Lara Mangravite (SAGE), Camille Nebeker, Mike Pratt; Discussant: Jenni Vanos

12:00p-1:00p | Tying it together, Open Discussion, & Next Steps

Speaker: Eric Hekler

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