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Design Lab statement on protests, violence following George Floyd’s death

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grand entrance design and innovation building
UC San Diego breaks ground on first piece of its historic ‘grand entrance’ project
UC San Diego breaks ground on first piece of its historic ‘grand entrance’ project
UC San Diego breaks ground on first piece of its historic ‘grand entrance’ project

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Smart Streetlights

Community members call for end to ‘Smart Streetlights’ in San Diego

KUSI NEWS Interviews Design Lab Faculty Lilly Irani

More than a dozen community groups are calling on the City of San Diego to turn off thousands of cameras positioned on streetlights around San Diego.

The “Smart Streetlights” were approved by the San Diego City Council in December 2016, and there are currently 4,700 installed according to the city’s website.

The cameras collect real-time data including video and audio, which the city says helps save money and increase public safety. However, activists called the technology a major privacy and civil rights concern.

City officials have said that these streetlights are not being used for spying.
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