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We offer a wide-range of opportunities for learning human-centered design. We have established an official undergraduate Design Minor at UCSD. We are actively expanding the curriculum at all levels, including a planned PhD specialization (a minor for doctoral students). We also offer online courses in Interaction Design and Human-Centered Design.

ucsd design lab education

Design can be found in almost all UC San Diego degree programs. Courses enable students from any division and major to diversify their studies and incorporate design thinking skills into their academic experience.

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design lab phd education ucsd

Although the Design Lab does not have a PhD program, students enrolled in PhD programs in existing UCSD departments can often work on design-related dissertations, working with relevant Design Lab faculty.

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The first few courses are underway and new ones are constantly being offered. The minor focuses upon design as a way of thinking, one based on an iterative cycle of field observation, problem finding, and evaluating alternative solutions and tradeoffs by prototyping and testing.

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Everyone designs. Design occurs anytime you deliberately change an environment to make things better. You will learn how to design technologies that bring people joy, rather than frustration.

ucsd design lab education

Design Lab Faculty make themselves available every academic quarter to meet and advise their students.

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