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Our research focuses on building a substantive body of theory and evidence-based insights to establish a scientific basis for design. We strive to distill best practices in design, across a range of domains from health and autonomous vehicles, to online education and civic engagement.

Activity Centered Visualization

Questions the presupposition that information is fundamentally passive data disconnected from processes, tasks, context, and personal histories.

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DDT Cropped

Dedicated to studying and teaching this emerging field of practice, in order to help other companies achieve these results.


New challenges, cultural values, and technologies are changing design — and vice versa. Pervasive networked devices have freed design from the confines of the lab: design increasingly roams at large.


Interested in communication and trust with regard to people interacting with autonomous systems.

Health Design

Foster human-technology teamwork in healthcare by taking a people-centered approach to health’s greatest challenges.

Social Comp Cropped

Technology has not only massively transformed how we share information, but how we collaborate to solve complex problems.


Draws together the analysis of technology, organization, and political economy to forge more equitable futures of work.

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