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Design Lab TV

View our in-house produced videos related to human-centered design and Design Lab projects and initiatives.


Join us for our Design Chats series where we sit down with design practitioners to answer questions about how they utilize human-centered design.


TEDx is an international community that organizes TED-style events anywhere and everywhere – celebrating locally-driven ideas and elevating them to a global stage.

How Creativity Can Change the World, One Bad Drawing at a Time | Kevin Popovic | TEDxSDSU

Postcards from the Future | Scott Klemmer | TedxSanDieo

The Joy of Analog | Michael Meyer | TEDxUCSD

The Impact of Persuasion | Don Norman | TEDxHogeschoolUtrecht


Community-and domain experts solving the worlds major societal issues

How the community-driven design that we use in San Diego and with our project in Eastern Kentucky (Appalachia) can be applied all over the world. The goal is to attack some of the world’s most critical societal issues such as health, education, clean water, and hunger. Presented at the 2019 Dubai World Government Summit.

Norman Talks

Norman Doors

Norman door is a poorly designed door that confuses or fails to give you an idea whether to push or pull. It was named after Don Norman, the author of The Design of Everyday Things which explored the phenomenon.


A major event on the Broadway Pier to demonstrate how design can transform San Diego. Attended by the mayor, Mary Walshok (UCSD Extension), and notable designers from san Diego, SAP, and GE Healthcare.


Design for San Diego (D4SD)

Community-based designathon contest to develop solutions for issues with downtown San Diego transportation.
We brought together students and citizens in a several month-long project to develop plans for enhancing transportation options in downtown San Diego. Attended by the Mayor and the UC San Diego Chancellor.

City Robotics: A Design•a•Hack•a•thon for People-Centric Mobility

UC San Diego Design Lab and MIT Media Lab jointly bring together leading scientists, engineers, designers and policymakers from across the public and private sectors to address emerging challenges in urban mobility and to explore new directions for potential futures.

Pepper Canyon Mobility Hub Designathon

A collaboration between UC San Diego Design Lab and SANDAG to bring together 200+ interdisciplinary students, neighbors, and future transit users from UCSD and across San Diego to develop services, solutions, and speculations that will help transform the incoming Pepper Canyon Trolley Station on UCSD’s campus, currently under construction, into a dynamic multimodal mobility hub.


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