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Mechanical Engineering major with an emphasis on Product Development and Robotics.

Engineering Design, Product Research and Development, Programming
Language, Shop Skills, Operation/System Analysis, and Provisional Patenting.

ASH is an introverted explorer on a spiritual journey; currently in her 3 rd year at
UCSD majoring in Mechanical Engineering with an emphasis on robotics and
product development. She enjoys her time at home watching documentaries or
listening to music without words. ASH considers herself a modern-day explorer;
backpacking and camping in places such as Belize, Switzerland, Thailand, and
Chichen Itza just to name a few. Not only does ASH have a deep love for her
family but also for mankind. She plans on leaving stunning impact on the world
both technically and socially, through her artifacts and point-of-view. During her
residency at the Design Lab, she looks forward to contributing her education in
engineering to a wide range of projects. In addition to, strengthening her
leadership and project management skills, while learning from diverse groups of

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