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Ph.D. in Cognitive Science (Spec. Human Centered Design)

Strengths include Social Computing, HCI Research, Ideation, and Prototyping.

Hey there, I’m Jude. I am a first-year Cog Sci Ph.D. Candidate at the Design Lab working under the mentorship of Dr. Steven Dow. My educational background is an intersection of Computer Science, Human Systems Engineering, and Neuroscience. I am a firm believer in equity in education. While exploring ways through which I can learn and contribute to the aforementioned belief, I caught the research bug and worked in research labs that focused on virtual games that aid STEM learning, developmental cognition of children, perception of failure in the classroom, and more. Now, my current focus is in the development of socio-technical systems that help with creative problem-solving and sense-making for communities and their constituent members.

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