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Design Lab statement on protests, violence following George Floyd’s death

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People In the Lab

design lab don norman future of design

Don Norman

Director, The Design Lab
design lab michele morris

Michèle Morris

Associate Director, The Design Lab; Co-Founder, Center for Design-Driven Transformation
design lab eli spencer center for health ucsd

Eliah Aronoff-Spencer

Assistant Professor, Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases and Global Public Health
design lab maya azarova

Maya Azarova

Graduate Student, Anthropology
ucsd design lab cora coleman

Cora Coleman

Graduate Student, Computer Science & Engineering
jessica de souza ucsd design lab

Jessica De Souza

Graduate Student, Electrical and Computer Engineering
design lab steven dow cognitive science uc san diego

Steven Dow

Associate Professor, Cognitive Science; Computer Science & Engineering
design lab ian drosos

Ian Drosos

Graduate Student, Cognitive Science
jessica echteroff ucsd design lab

Jessica Echterhoff

Graduate Student, Machine Learning and Data Science
design lab christine teenah eco ucsd

Christine (Teenah) Eco

Administrative Project Coordinator, The Design Lab
elizabeth v eikey ucsd design lab

Elizabeth V. Eikey

Assistant Professor, Family Medicine & Public Health; Director, Mental Health in Design (MiD) Lab
design lab colleen emmenegger ucsd

Colleen Emmenegger

Head of Automation, The Design Lab
ucsd design lab deborah foster

Deborah Forster

Researcher, The Design Lab
design lab amy fox ucsd

Amy Fox

Graduate Student, Cognitive Science
design lab ailie fraser adobe fellow

Ailie Fraser

Graduate Student, Computer Science & Engineering
design lab danilo gasques

Danilo Gasques-Rodrigues

Graduate Student, Computer Science & Engineering

Jonah Gray

Graduate Student, Visual Arts
design lab william griswold computer science engineering uc san diego

William Griswold

Professor, Computer Science & Engineering
ucsd design lab madhuri gubbala

Madhuri Gubbala

Graduate Student, Computer Science & Engineering
design lab philip guo cognitive science computer science engineering uc san diego research

Philip Guo

Associate Professor, Cognitive Science; Computer Science & Engineering
design lab eric hekler

Eric Hekler

Associate Professor, Family Medicine & Public Health; Director, Center for Wireless & Population Health Systems
ucsd design lab louise

Louise Hickman

Postdoctoral Researcher, Communication
design lab jim hollan

Jim Hollan

Co-Director, The Design Lab; Professor, Cognitive Science; Computer Science & Engineering
design lab dorothy howard

Dorothy Howard

Graduate Student, Communication
design lab lilly irani

Lilly Irani

Assistant Professor, Communication
design lab janet johnson

Janet Johnson

Graduate Student, Computer Science & Engineering
robert kaufman ucsd design lab

Robert Kaufman

Graduate Student, Cognitive Science
david kirsh

David Kirsh

Professor, Cognitive Science
design lab scott klemmer

Scott Klemmer

Co-Director, The Design Lab; Professor, Cognitive Science; Computer Science & Engineering
ucsd design lab emily knapp

Emily Knapp

Industry Strategist, The Design Lab
design lab ucsd sean kross

Sean Kross

Graduate Student, Cognitive Science
ucsd design lab sam lau

Sam Lau

Graduate Student, Cognitive Science
design lab albert lin

Albert Lin

Assistant Research Scientist, Qualcomm Institute
ucsd design lab dylan lukes

Dylan Lukes

Graduate Student, Computer Science & Engineering
stephen macneil ucsd design lab

Stephen MacNeil

Postdoctoral Researcher, Social Computing
mika marzette ucsd design lab

Mika Marzette

Program Manager, The Design Lab
design lab olga mcconnell

Olga McConnell

Executive Assistant to Don Norman, The Design Lab

Adhana McCarthy

Graduate Student, Family Medicine and Public Health
brian mcinnis ucsd design lab

Brian McInnis

Postdoctoral Researcher, Social Computing
design lab michael meyer

Michael W. Meyer

Assistant Teaching Professor, Design, Rady School of Management
design lab lars mueller

Lars Mueller

Head, Diabetes Design Initiative
design lab uc san diego alok mysore

Alok Mysore

Graduate Student, Computer Science & Engineering

Teresa Naval

Graduate Student, Communications
camille nebeker ucsd design lab

Camille Nebeker

Associate Professor, Behavioral Medicine; Family Medicine & Public Health; School of Medicine
hui xin ng ucsd design lab

Hui Xin Ng

Graduate Student, Cognitive Science
design lab tricia ngoon ucsd

Tricia Ngoon

Graduate Student, Cognitive Science
srishti palani

Srishti Palani

Graduate Student, Cognitive Science
sayali phatak ucsd design lab

Sayali Phatak

Graduate Student, ASU, Nutritional and Exercise Sciences
Steven Phung ucsd design lab

Steven Phung

Assistant Producer/Director, The Design Lab
vishwajith ramesh ucsd design lab

Vishwajith Ramesh

Graduate Student, Bioengineering
design lab steven rick ucsd

Steven Rick

Graduate Student, Computer Science & Engineering
design lab laurel riek

Laurel Riek

Associate Professor, Computer Science & Engineering
design lab taylor scott

Taylor Scott

Assistant Teaching Professor, Cognitive Science

Samuel Scudder

Graduate Student, Computer Science & Engineering

Tommy Sharkey

Graduate Student, Computer Science & Engineering
stephanie sherman ucsd design lab

Stephanie Sherman

Graduate Student, Visual Arts
christo sims ucsd design lab

Christo Sims

Associate Professor, Communication
design lab akshita sivakumar ucsd

Akshita Sivakumar

Graduate Student, Communication
ucsd design lab ian strelsky

Ian Strelsky

Sr. Business Manager, The Design Lab
lu sun ucsd design lab

Lu Sun

Graduate Student, Cognitive Science
udayan tandon ucsd design lab

Udayan Tandon

Graduate Student, Computer Science & Engineering
design lab jennifer taylor ucsd

Jennifer Taylor

Postdoctoral Researcher, The Design Lab
design lab veronica uribe ucsd

Verónica Uribe del Aguila

Graduate Student, Communication
varun viswanath ucsd design lab

Varun Viswanath

Graduate Student, Electrical and Computer Engineering
ucsd design lab xinwei wang

Xinwei “Xavier” Wang

Graduate Student, Computer Science & Engineering
jonathan walton ucsd design lab

Jonathan Walton

Graduate Student, Communication
ucsd design lab edward wang

Edward Wang

Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
design lab nadir weibel

Nadir Weibel

Associate Research Professor, Computer Science & Engineering
paul wynns ucsd design lab

Paul Wynns

Graduate Student, Rady School of Management
haijun xia ucsd design lab

Haijun Xia

Assistant Professor, Cognitive Science
tone xu ucsd design lab

Tone Xu

Graduate Student, Cognitive Science
martin yarmand ucsd design lab

Matin Yarmand

Graduate Student, Computer Science & Engineering
Non-Voting Faculty

Morana Alac; Associate Professor, Communication
Ben Bergen; Professor, Cognitive Science
Benjamin Bratton; Associate Professor, Visual Arts
Nate Delson; Associate Teaching Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Judith Fan; Assistant Professor, Psychology
Linda Hill; Clinical Professor, Family Medicine & Public Health; Director, UCSD/SDSU General Preventive Medicine Residency
Michael Kurisu; Director, UCSD Center for Integrative Medicine and Clinical Training – Osteopathic Center San Diego
Kevin Patrick; Professor Emeritus, Family Medicine & Public Health
Keith Pezzoli; PhD, Director of Bioregional Center for Sustainability Science, Planning and Design
Susan Peerson, Lecturer, Urban Studies and Planning
Mirle Rabinowitz-Bussell; PhD, Academic Director, Real Estate and Development
Michael Yip; Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Pinar Yoldas; Assistant Professor, Visual Arts

Undergraduate Students

Enrique Arcilla (Urban Studies and Planning)
Alia Awni (Computer Science and Engineering)
Evan Barosay (Cognitive Science)
Elmer Barrera (Cognitive Science)
Sam Blake (Computer Science and Engineering)
Zlata Bobyr (Princeton University)
Luis Calona (Computer Science and Engineering)
Kai-yu Chang (Cognitive Science)
Justin Chen (Computer Science and Engineering)
Ruijia Chen (Cognitive Science)
Robyn Chung (Communication – Student Operations Assistant)
Hoaithi Dang (Math/CS)
Raquel Dawis (Cognitive Science)
Winson Dieu (Cognitive Science)
Megan Dinh (Cognitive Science)
Andrew Du (Cognitive Science)
Natalie Duprey (Cognitive Science)
Isaac Fehr (Cognitive Science/HCI)
Alexis Flores (Psychology)
Lisa Grega (Cognitive Science)
Shangqing Gu (Cognitive Science/Math)
Brian Han (Cognitive Science)
Esan (Nathan) Hassansadeh (Cognitive Science/HCI)
Tobias Hirth (Mechanical Engineering- Student Operations Assistant)
Yvonne Hou (Cognitive Science)
Brendan Jew (Cognitive Science)
Sonia Kalwit (Cognitive Science)
Marisa Kanemoto (Cognitive Science/HCI)
Stephanie Kim (Cognitive Science)
Paridhi Khaitan
(Computer Science and Engineering)
Shih-Chuan Ku (Computer Science Engineering)
Bert Le (International Business – AV Student Communications)
Cang Le (Cognitive Science/Machine Learning)
Alice Lee (Cognitive Science/HCI)
Stanley Lee (Data Science)
Howyan Leung (Cognitive Science)
Qianzi Li (Cognitive Science)
Ziyang (Liby) Li
 (Computer Science and Engineering)
Aileen Liang (International Studies Business)
Lee Liang (Computer Science and Engineering)
Mengming Luo (Cognitive Science)
Wenlin Mao (Computer Science and Engineering)
Julia Markel (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
Eric McMillan (Cognitive Science)
Sahba Mobini (Cognitive Science/ Machine Learning)
Madi Ng (Cognitive Science)
Kevin Ngo (Computer Science and Engineering)
Katya Noble
(Cognitive Science/HCI)
Erika Nunotani (Economics)
Annika Olives (Cognitive Science- Student Operations Assistant)
Emilia Pokta (Cognitive Science)
Se One Park (Cognitive Science)
Gavrav Parmar (Computer Science and Engineering)
Evo Pavosevich (Cognitive Science/HCI- Student Operations Assistant)
Dian Qi (Computer Science and Engineering)
Allison Reiss (Cognitive Science/HCI)
Mejan Rostamian (Cognitive Science)
Eric Olan Richards (Cognitive Science)
Evan Schmitz (Cognitive Science)
Simrandeep Signh (Computer Science and Engineering)
Bhargav Heeraguppe Sridharan (Computer Science and Engineering)
Stone Tao (Cognitive Science)
Orr Toledano (Computer Science and Engineering)
Joshua Tjong (Cognitive Science)
Christine Tran (Cognitive Science)
Tiffany Trinh (Cognitive Science/HCI)
Jasmine Tu (Ching-Han) (Cognitive Science)
Danling Wang (Computer Science and Engineering)
Hedy Wang (Cognitive Science)
Shengzhi Wang (Computer Science and Engineering)
Xinray Wang (Computer Science and Engineering)
Chen Yang
 (Computer Science and Engineering)
Kaung Yang (Computer Science and Engineering)
Enrique Zavala (Cognitive Science)
Krystal Zeng (Cognitive Science)
Xiangyu (Steve) Zhao (Computer Science and Engineering)

Visiting Scholars

Andrea Alessandrini; Visiting Scholar, University of Dundee (July 2016 – September 2016)
Kristian Borup Antonsen; Visiting Researcher, Aarhus University (September – December 2018)
Jan Borchers, Visiting Scholar; RWTH Aachen University (October 2016 – March 2017)
Paul Hekkert; Visiting Scholar, Delft University of Technology (February 2017)
Eric von Hippel; Visiting scholar, MIT Sloan School of Management (January 2018)
Dan Russell; Visiting Scholar, Google (May 2015, May 2016, May 2017)
Pieter Jan Stappers; Visiting Scholar, Delft University of Technology (July 2015)
Norbert Streitz; Visiting Scholar, Smart Future Initiative (August 2015)
Sheng-Feng Qin; Visiting Scholar, Northumbria School of Design (November 2016 – March 2017)
m.c., schraefel; Visiting Scholar,  University of Southampton (November – December 2018)
Aurelien Tabard; Visiting Scholar, Université Claude Bernard Lyon (July 2017)
Peggy Zwolinski, Visiting Scholar, Grenoble INP – Génie Industriel (December 2017 – April 2018)


Nazima Ahmad; Designer-in-Residence; Design Consultant (July 2020 – Current)
J. Tanner Cusick; Designer-in-Residence; Principal Experience Architect at Caterpillar Inc. (May 2020 – Current)
Alicia Griffiths
; Designer-in-Residence (May 2020 – Current)
Mark Hansen
; Designer-in-Residence (March 2020 – Current)
Brian LeDuc
; Designer-in-Residence; Education Designer at Education Design Lab (May 2019 – Current)
Andrew Krause; Designer-in-Residence; CEO of eecosphere, Impact Mill (February 2020 – Current)
Bennett Peji; Designer-in-Residence; Chairman Of The Board, California Humanities (May 2020 – Current)
Emila Pucci; Designer-in-Residence; Freelance Designer (October 2018 – Current)
Grace Rieger; Designer-in-Residence; Sr. Product Manager at GetWellNetwork (May 2019 – Current)
Laura Spencer; Designer-in-Residence; Design Thinking Consultant, The Idea Guy (October 2019 – Current)
Daniel Suh; Designer-in-Residence; Data Analyst, Booz Allen Hamilton (February 2020 – Current)


Shaheryar Ajmal (Computer Science and Engineering)
Gabriel Amoako
Michael Ano (Program Specialist)
Sandra Amon
(Operations Assistant)
Andres Baez (Cognitive Science/Machine Learning)
Nina Baker (Program Manager)
Elmer Barerra (Undergraduate Researcher)
Daniel Baron (Bioinformatics)
Diana Benavidez
(Undergraduate Researcher)
Ashley Boon (Human Centered Design and Engineering -University of Washington)
Justine Bui (Operations)
Sheldon Brown (Professor Emeritus, Visual Arts)
Julia Cambre
(Applications Programmer)
Sara Carver (Administrative Assistant/Events Coordinator)
Eunice Chan (Cognitive Science/HCI)
Wesley Chan (Staff Research Assistant)
Alison Chen (Cognitive Science)
Hsien-che Chen (Computer Science and Engineering)
Rachel Chen (Undergraduate Researcher)
Helen Cheng (Cognitive Science)
Regina Cheng (Human Centered Design and Engineering)
Bonnie Chinh (Undergraduate Researcher)
Grant Chinn (Undergraduate Researcher)
Joanne Euno Cho (Cognitive Science)
Yujin Cho
Vincent Chu (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
Aliyah Clayton (Undergraduate Researcher)
Purvi Desai (Graduate Student)
Cody Doan (Undergraduate Researcher)
Tori Duong (Undergraduate Researcher)
Celia Durkin (Graduate Student, Columbia University)
Allison A. Endo
Seth Ferris (Graduate Student)
Jonathan Funes (Communication)
Bryce Grubbs (Cognitive Science)
Kelsey Minghan Guo (Cognitive Science/HCI)
Aman Gupta (Student Group Liaison)
Lynn Hao (Student Assistant)
Catherine Hicks (Design Lab Fellow, Postdoc Researcher)
Brandon Hong
Quincy Huang (Computer Science and Engineering)
Nida Hussain (Graduate Student)
Ed Hutchins (Cognitive Science – Retired)
Nanna Inie (Visiting Graduate Student)
Michael James
Shawn Hyeonsu Kang
Aneesh Kashalikar (Computer Science and Engineering)
Daniel Kaulen (Researcher)
Jonas Kemper (Researcher)
Kandarp Khandwala (Computer Science and Engineering)
Yasmine Kotturi (Graduate Student)
Markus Krause
Franklin Li (Cognitive Science)
Lee Liang (Computer Science and Engineering)
Jun Liu
Maysnow Liu (Cognitive Science – UC Davis)
Derek Lomas (Design Lab Fellow, Postdoc Researcher)
Amy Luo (Carnegie Mellon University)
Echo Ma (Cognitive Science)
Amaya Mali (Cognitive Science)
Aliff Macapinlac
Narges Mahyar (Design Lab Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Massachusetts Amherst)
Tiffany Manuel (Computer Science and Engineering – Stanford)
David Mao
Lauren Mao-Luen Liu (Computer Science)
Melanie McComsey (Design Lab Postdoctoral Fellow, Thermo Fisher Scientific)
Kathryn Link-Oberstar (Community)
Gubbala Madhuri (Computer Science and Engineering)
Martin Magsombol (Computer Science and Engineering)
Adam Mekrut
(Cognitive Science)
Sanika Moharana (Cognitive Science)
Michelle Ng
Vineet Pandey (Design Lab Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard University)
Kylee Peng (Cognitive Science)
Wayne Phung (Cognitive Science)
Laura Pina
(Graduate Student)
Josh Pitta (Production Assistant, DreamWorks Animation)
Vanessa Pool (Program Manager)
Adam Powers (Outreach & Research Assistant)
Neel Pujar (Undergraduate Research Assistant)
Wanhui Qiao (Computer Science and Engineering)
Shengfeng Qin
(Visiting Scholar)
Rahul Ramath (Contingent Staff Research Associate, Volunteer)
Malte Risto (Design Lab Fellow, Postdoc Researcher)
Joel Rosenthal (Undergraduate Researcher)
Joseph Ruanto-Ramirez (Interim Project Manager)
Boya Ren (Cognitive Science)
Adam Rule (PhD, Cognitive Science)
Alejandro Panduro Sandoval (Cognitive Science/HCI)
Beverly Sastri (Interim Executive Assistant)
Ali Sarvghad (Design Lab Fellow, Postdoc Researcher)
Gabriel Schneider (Undergraduate Researcher)
Keshav Sharma (Graduate Student, Computer Science and Engineering)
Jungwon Shin (Information Science – Cornell University)
Ash Eliza Smith (University of Nebraska)
Brian Soe
Amanda Song (Cognitive Science)
Aditya Srinivasan (Computer Science and Engineering)
Monika Streuer
(Visiting Grad)
Aurelien Tabard (Visiting Scholar)
Carolyn Thio
Christine Tran (Cognitive Science)
Justin Tran (Computer Science and Engineering)
Jasper Travers (Undergraduate Research Assistant)
Priyan Vaithilingam (Graduate Student)
Gustavo Umbelino (Computer Science and Engineering)
Yuhan Wang (Cognitive Science/HCI)
Ariel Weingarten (Graduate Student, Computer Science and Engineering)
Reggie Wu
Sijia Xiao
Bryan Yuan
(Cognitive Science)
Nancy Zhang (Cognitive Science)

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