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The Design Lab: Applying the Wisdom of the University to Societal Issues

On Friday, May 31, join the American Academy of Arts and Sciences for a special evening with the UC San Diego Design Lab. Come learn about how the Design Lab approaches design as a way of thinking and doing, harnessing the knowledge and energy of the university to address major societal issues. This program will include:

*An introduction to the principles of design thinking by Design Lab Director Don Norman Presentations of the Design Lab’s ongoing work
*Reception featuring individual project posters, exhibits, and demonstrations (including a presentation in the StarCAVE, a fully immersive virtual reality environment)

Design@Large: Spring 2019 Speakers

Wednesdays at 4:00pm in CSE 1202
*Leo Trottier (Co-Founder and CEO, CleverPet, Inc.)
*Shawn T. Loescher (Urban Discovery Schools)
*Eliah Aronoff-Spencer (UC San Diego)
*Elizabeth Guffey (Purchase College)
*Judy Fan (UC San Diego)

Assistant Professor in Design

The Design Lab at UC San Diego ( seeks candidates for tenure-track faculty positions at the Assistant Professor rank. The Design Lab at UC San Diego is a new initiative, established by the chancellor to become a major international center for human-centered design, with the focus upon design as a way of thinking, especially dealing with a people-centered approach to complex sociotechnical systems.

How pizza could save the world

On a recent Hawaiian vacation, Don stayed at a truly luxurious resort. It wasn’t his style. He couldn’t help but notice the contrast with the poorer sections of the island where locals lived and tourists rarely ventured. Is this the planet’s future? Two distinct cultures, one of isolated wealth and excess, the other of poverty? When we discussed this question, Don couldn’t help but mention he’d also found amazing pizza on the island.

Design a Better World, with Don Norman

UX Cake kicks the season off with a fascinating conversation about changing the world with design, with Don Norman.

"There are really creative people in all these communities. And there aren’t enough experts to go around anyway. What we want to do is go around the world and find these people and facilitate, help them, empower them, give them expert knowledge and allow them to decide how to apply that to their problems." - Don Norman
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